About bnood

About us

Banoud Saudi Arabia Company is one of the information technology companies specialized in the field of networks, Internet services, systems and application development, marketing and support, to ultimately provide integrated solutions in this field. Banoud was established on a solid base as a result of the merger of three entities specialized in the field of technology in the year 2008. Banoud has achieved within She has had many successes in e-government services with Elm Information Security Company, especially the Muqeem service, the Tamm service, and the Shamoos service, where she won first place in the sales of Muqeem, Tamm, and Shamoos for four consecutive years, 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014, among the providers of these services.
شركة بنود السعودية | About bnood
شركة بنود السعودية | About bnood

What do Bnood mean?

Bnood are the leadership flags that are carried at the front of the knees and delegations in the eras of our glorious history. The poet said about them: And our swords, under the items, are the thunderbolts. Our choice of this name is an indication that we bear in mind a great responsibility towards the profession and towards our clients, whom we consider to be our strategic partners.

Our vision

We derive our future vision from the achievements that have been achieved in our past years, and this is what made us build our vision with high ambitions for our ability to achieve it. Our client is the touchstone for testing our capabilities, and in practice our clients have become the most important tools for our success. Through their satisfaction with us, they have become partners in marketing our products. Accordingly, our dear customer has become an essential element of the vision.

Our goals

By the grace of God, we have achieved many goals, we have succeeded in the local ones, and we have progressed with our excellence towards the global level. 2030 is a national goal that we must be a part of.

Our launch

We start from several concepts, the most important of which is possessing the tools for success, and the staff is the basic tool, and this is what creates excellence and difference in any field. From here, we made the staff represent the first item in our strategic system. We established houses of experience that extend for many years in the field of information technology, and we have distinguished ourselves, thanks to God. Almighty God, because we adopted the foundations of success, we achieved and maintained leadership, created and won success, and then gifted all of that to our customers. We are one of the many information systems and technology companies, but we are one of the few technology companies that adopt integrated specialization in this field. Indeed, we may be distinguished by the most important elements of strength, which is product compatibility first and integration of services and solutions (development, operation, marketing, support) second, and all of this with international specifications and standards from Through our strategic partnerships with the most important local and international specialized companies, we bear full responsibility towards our partners and customers.