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CCTV surveillance cameras have become a security necessity for all societies, whether private or public facilities or at the individual level. Everyone is thinking about protecting their facility, home, or public places, through the installation of surveillance cameras.
Surveillance cameras have become a priority in security aspects, and in some countries surveillance cameras have even become an obligation by the responsible authorities, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is known for its advanced technical development, as well as for its security concern that has spread throughout all its regions, thanks to God and the keenness of its leaders, is considered one of the countries in which the culture of It is necessary to install surveillance cameras. Indeed, many establishments have been obligated to install surveillance cameras in order to obtain a certificate of completion.
Some licenses are only given to establishments to install surveillance cameras and confirm this with a certificate of completion proving the installation of surveillance cameras.
Bnoud Saudi Company is considered, thanks to God, one of the major companies that implement surveillance camera projects, through its specialized technical teams.
Banoud Company is also officially licensed by Public Security to install surveillance cameras

شركة بنود السعودية | Surveillance Cameras
شركة بنود السعودية | Surveillance Cameras

(Smart) electronic devices sweep through a person’s life without his attention, facilitate his daily affairs, and enable him to exchange information with whoever he wants and at any time he wants, making what used to look like imagination a reality in our world today. This scientific development includes many areas, including digital surveillance and communications, and Bnoud Company has a lot to transfer this technological development in a practical manner to various companies and institutions as well as individuals, to enable them to benefit practically in managing their projects and daily affairs to maintain their security and productivity through surveillance cameras equipped with a digital remote control and monitoring system. Remote audio and video with alarm by sending messages to the mobile phone and email via the DVR card system. With the possibility of connecting surveillance cameras,

Surveillance cameras have become a security necessity required at the personal level and at the general level in all countries, and since the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the advanced countries in the field of technology and in the field of security, decisions have been issued for many establishments to install surveillance cameras, as some state agencies supervise this under the name of administrative control. affiliated with Public Security, and general licenses in municipalities are related to the installation of surveillance cameras and the establishment obtaining a certificate for that, called a certificate of completion, and Saudi Bnoud Company operates under a permit from Public Security in all its branches.
Therefore, we advise all establishments, if they wish to install surveillance cameras or any other surveillance devices, to ensure that the company implementing the project has a security permit. The year.

شركة بنود السعودية | Surveillance Cameras

Annual maintenance contracts

Annual maintenance contracts for surveillance cameras are considered an absolute necessity for every facility. Through regular maintenance of surveillance cameras, the facility guarantees the safety of the devices on the other hand, and more importantly, the preservation of data and the continuity of monitoring work.
Bnoud Company offers this service to its customers at good prices in exchange for distinguished services with a specialized technical team. Maintenance contracts have also become mandatory by the administrative control in Public Security to obtain a certificate of completion, which is submitted to the competent authorities for issuing facility licenses.
Bnoud Saudi Arabia Company is one of the companies authorized to install surveillance cameras and make annual maintenance contracts for facilities, competitive prices and distinguished service… To contact us to conduct a technical visit by technicians to prepare a complete report on the facility

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  • Linking the main center to the branches through an integrated monitoring network
  • Television and computer surveillance through mobile surveillance cameras from anywhere and at any time.
  • Recording of all audio and television surveillance events using a DVR for surveillance cameras.
  • Direct control of surveillance cameras remotely.
  • Surveillance cameras are equipped with an integrated anti-theft alarm system with the ability to link with other alarm devices.
  • Surveillance cameras are equipped with a security system and a camera distribution diagram.
  • Creating special surveillance rooms for surveillance cameras.
  • All of this is done through an initial visit by our technical team to the site to know the needs, make a general plan for the locations of the surveillance cameras, and provide the appropriate offer to the client. The company also makes annual maintenance contracts for the surveillance cameras if the client desires that. We work through a specialized team with years of study and experience. To provide an integrated technical service, whether in the field of surveillance cameras and other control systems

Systems and devices required to operate a surveillance camera network

  • Digital recording devices, or what is called DVR for short. It comes with several specifications depending on the number of cameras, some of which can operate 4 cameras, some of which can operate 8 cameras, and so on.
  • Hard Disk
  • IP Cameras with NVR.
  • A television screen or computer screen as desired by the client
  • Connections required for extensions
  • Fast Internet line

Licenses to practice the activity

Some establishments may not realize the importance of licenses for the implementing company, as there are some implementing companies that do not have licenses from the responsible authorities, such as Public Security, which places a responsibility on the establishment that contracts with implementing companies because they have licenses.
Bnoud Saudi Company is always keen on the importance of its work being official and in accordance with the necessary licenses to implement its projects, in order to avoid any responsibility except towards the company or towards its clients. Therefore, dear customer, before you contract with any implementing company to install surveillance cameras, you must ask about the security licenses of the implementing company.