Manazil system for accounting for hotels and furnished apartments

Service details:

It is an accounting and housing program, especially for hotels and furnished apartments. Its applications work in an integrated manner with the Windows environment and it is considered one of the most powerful housing systems available. The Manazel system is distinguished by being a product that is issued, developed and supported by Bnoud Company through specialized software cadres working for the company and not as is the case in many Similar programs that are served by individuals contracted with external software offices are difficult to communicate with in the event that these contracts are terminated. This is the case in the software market, which causes many problems that customers suffer from until now, in addition to other operational advantages.

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Basic capabilities of the system

  • Housing guests on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis, depending on the choice of the period of stay
  • The possibility of housing individuals or groups, with the possibility of setting a special discount rate for companies, each company separately
  • Security and supervisory controls on users by specifying permissions and multiple users. With a secret report on users’ movement, even if the user has comprehensive powers, his previous operations can be shown according to the day and time.
  • The possibility of converting housing from a daily system to a monthly system with a change in the daily price according to agreement with the client
  • With the reservations screen, you can make a reservation for any room, even if it is occupied at that moment, and show an alert about the room’s status and a reminder message that there is a reservation in the client’s name and the reservation date
  • Set an unlimited number of rooms and users
  • Automatically calculate the cost of clients’ accommodation from the date of downloading the client’s data
  • . Closing the customer’s account, issuing an invoice for that, and knowing the income and disbursements automatically – showing the fund – and the bank account – the possibility of amendment according to the permissions.
  • The possibility of adding other fees, such as services, phone calls, etc., to the room according to the customer number
  • Departure operations are not carried out unless the customer’s account is closed (zero).  The customer can leave with dues owed to him or her according to the powers granted by the manager using this feature.
  • The customer’s account can be closed by making a deduction for any remaining amount according to… The customer can also leave by choosing a delay commission item for any additional day. While adhering to setting the late fine for an additional number of hours for the checkout time according to the customer’s request.
  • Issuing a receipt or disbursement bond from the client’s account holder, with the possibility of amending or canceling the bonds if necessary, taking into account the presence of the client and not leaving him, as the program does not deal with departing clients except with reports only and does not accept amendment to the data of any departing client.
  • Any service can be added to the customer’s account in cash or on the account with ease
  • Services can be billed separately or shown in the final report and a separate receipt voucher for the value of the service can be automatically generated
  • The customer data tracking screen is temporary and distinguished by colors for easy identification of credit and debit accounts.
  • It is also possible to add an amount to the reservation, and when the reservation is activated, the previously paid reservation amount is added automatically without the need to create a new bond for the customer.
  • There are more than thirty different reports showing all the different movements and operations by date and time period
  •   Documenting accounts, receipt and disbursement vouchers, documentary settlements, and controlling all accounting procedures with the ease of using advanced marketing and accounting reports – saving time and effort. Monitor the balances of rooms or apartments around the clock, know the balance of any room, and show its accounts, services, and phone bill automatically.
  • Continuous development of the system and continuous technical support with specialized cadres

Advantages of use

  • Easy to install on any Windows compatible operating system
  • Flexibility in use and quick uptake by users
  • A practical interactive application interface that is easy to access for all work tools
  • Bilingual (Arabic – English) without the need to restart the program
  • The system works either on a single device, through a network, or on a central device for several branches
  • Its use does not require any additional support devices
  • Compatible with all facilities, which facilitates the setup process according to the nature of the facility
  • A multi-user system with powers assigned by the facility management
  • Multiple security levels to protect and confidentiality of information
  • The possibility of preparing reports according to the work needs of each residential facility
  • Display reports on the screen with the ability to print them and save them in a file
  • Simplified and quick methods for searching the database
  • Making backup copies of databases and the ability to recover them
  • Many other benefits that the user will discover with repeated use of the system, in addition to continuous development and additions throughout the year that are not available in any other system at all
  • Connecting with the central system, regardless of its type, with ease of changing pricing and printing reports