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One of the information technology companies specialized in the field of networks, Internet services, systems and applications development, marketing and support, to ultimately provide integrated solutions.

Services provided

Networking services

Design and implementation of computer networks, the Internet and communications for small, medium and large companies and institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition, the company manages networks and provides technical support under annual contracts, and focuses on preventive maintenance to prevent and reduce the occurrence of malfunctions.

Surveillance Cameras

CCTV surveillance cameras have become a security necessity for all societies, whether private or public facilities or at the individual level. Everyone is thinking about protecting their facility, home, or public places, through the installation of surveillance cameras.

Attendance and departure systems

The need has grown among business sectors to use control and monitoring systems for many matters, including the attendance and departure of employees and the entry and exit of visitors and others to the facility.

Vehicle tracking services

It is an advanced cloud electronic service for managing the vehicle fleet efficiently. Masarat is concerned with tracking and monitoring live vehicles, determining their geographical location, following up vehicle drivers and monitoring their driving behavior.

Communications systems

Our world today is the world of communications and information technology, which has become an essential focus in the business industry. Through our company's keenness to provide integration to its customers, it has allocated a special department for communications technology with integrated technical management to provide its valued customers with technical solutions in this field.

about us

Bnood Saudi Arabia Company is one of the information technology companies specialized in the field of networks, Internet services, systems and application development, marketing and support, to ultimately provide integrated solutions in this field. Banoud was established on a solid base as a result of the merger of three entities specialized in the field of technology in the year 2008. Banoud has achieved within She has had many successes in e-government services with Elm Information Security Company, especially the Muqeem service, the Tamm service, and the Shamoos service, where she won first place in the sales of Muqeem, Tamm, and Shamoos for four consecutive years, 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014, among the providers of these services.

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Networking services

Establishing data centers and hosting servers

The company provides its customers with complete infrastructure solutions for data centers. The company, through a technical staff, conducts a complete survey and knows all the requirements accurately, develops the necessary plans and designs, and implements them completely.

Website and email design and hosting

Today, websites have become essential for all commercial and service sectors. Today, they serve as exhibitions and showcases, and sales through websites now represent more than 50%.

Maintenance and support contracts

Through periodic maintenance contracts, the facility ensures the progress of its work, so that its networks and systems remain constantly updated and functioning properly. Maintenance is a proactive plan, as prevention is better than cure

Programs and applications

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Manazil system for apartments and hotels

It is an accounting and housing program for hotels and furnished apartments
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Trusty accounting and inventory system

The Trusty system makes calculations easier for you by linking stores with accounts

Surveillance and communications systems


Surveillance Cameras

(Smart) electronic devices sweep through a person’s life without his attention and make it easier to carry out his affairs. This scientific development includes many areas, including digital surveillance using surveillance cameras to maintain their security and productivity remotely with audio and video with alarm.


Attendance and departure systems

Bnoud Company provides all the necessary solutions for this, relying on the latest devices and technologies in this field of control and monitoring systems (Access Control) such as the fingerprint system, the magnetic card and the smart card, with applications that provide detailed reports.


Communications systems (exchanges)

In the field of digital communications, the company provides the latest products for voice communication applications for all business requirements, while providing added values ​​to the service, such as telephone devices, licenses, interactive applications with the operating system, and linking all branches of the company.


Acces Controle door systems

In our present era, security aspects have become a concern for many, whether establishments or individuals. For technical security integration, it has become necessary for technology to control the entrances and exits, whether to the main or internal gates. Bnoud Company provides the necessary technical solutions for this
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